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Author Profile: Jeremy Seabrook

Jeremy Seabrook is author of Consuming Cultures: Globalization and Local Lives.

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Dissolving the Bonds of Welfare •

Issue 289 • March/April 2015 • We Need New Stories > Undercurrents

Further public spending cuts are planned for the welfare state

The Market is the New Religion •

Issue 288 • January/February 2015 • Power to the People > Undercurrents

Apologists for unbridled capitalism overlook it's ancestry and its limitations

Article - What Has Become of Us?

Issue 268 • September/October 2011 • What Comes Next? > Web Exclusives > Article

A historical perspective on the recent unrest in the UK


Issue 229 • March/April 2005 • The Spiritual Imperative > Feature Articles

Consumerism challenges the values of temperance and discipline, preached by all religions.


Issue 193 • March/April 1999 • Deterrence - Nature - Wild > Feature Articles

Basic needs are for the poor. No one ever thinks of offering such a formula to the rich.


Issue 187 • March/April 1998 • Pilgrimage to Tibet > Reviews

Review of Myth of Progress


Issue 186 • January/February 1998 • Natural Spirituality > Feature Articles

The death of Princess Diana evoked unparalleled public grief. What can it all mean?